Monday, March 8, 2010

long story short

Jason and I met 2 years ago...on Valentine's Day. So, we just say that the 14th is our anniversary. Well...Jason surprised me with a trip to New York. During fashion week nonetheless.
We started off our first night with champagne and chocolate strawberries. Umm, yes!
Then moved on to Jim Beam shots and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Um, yes #2!

Met up with Mr. Jimmy Fontaine
and things were good, very good.

The Empire State building at 1:30am (is very windy)

On Valentine's Day we took a walk through Central Park

and then he proposed! (Kinda had an idea he would, but then started to think maybe he wouldn't) He set up the camera for 3 self-timer shots and this was my reaction...
Reaction #2 (3rd reaction was too blurry since we fell to the ground)
Then we went to the Met

drank beer
and played pool. Amazing Valentine's!

Met up with Shawn (of Costume Dept.) at the Diesel Black/Gold party

A butterfly on my head
The statue of liberty is very far away.

Attended the Jeremy Scott party
(wearing a Costume Dept. dress)
Smirnoff and sassy (or trashy)
Last night. Metal magazine party

All in all...a fantastically cold and snowy, boozy flowy, engaged and glowy week. Back to Cali. Now I gotta start planning a wedding!

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  1. Love You guys! You're rock! Great couple :) And I've seen Cee Lo's video - AMAZING!!!!
    Please, give more photos :*