Tuesday, March 30, 2010

true beauty

It is so strange to come across one of these photos in random fashion blogs scattered amongst pics of Erin Wasson, Daria Werbowy and Dree Hemingway. Being that they are photos of my grandparent's house in Glendora where I lived for a year while my parent' s house was remodeled in 6th grade. My boyfriend did a shoot there in August and since then it has been extremely surprising for me to come across them. My grandfather had the house built in the 60's and I've always loved the (carpeted) bathroom with its blue and green floral wallpaper (even on the ceiling) and sunken bathtub (and bamboo outside the window), the wood panelled living room with hologram owl pictures, the kitchen with all its weird drawers (complete with Playboy bunny swizzle sticks and Menehune chopsticks (??)), an indoor barbecue, and the beautiful backyard with it's turquoise pool, succulent plants, and deck overlooking the city. On a clear day you can see Santa Monica. And as a kid, downtown always looked like OZ. When I come across these pics I can only think of exploring the hills with my (very imaginative) grandpa, my grandma's "chop-chop" cookies, and our beautiful Christmas's in the white carpeted living room. I always had my own mini Christmas tree in the family room (I'm an only child...go figure). I know Mr. Paul R. McDonald is always watching me from heaven but I am sure he was especially pleased to know that his house was used for cute frisky model shoot... hell, who wouldn't?

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