Monday, April 12, 2010

love letter

I was going to do a post on my favorite, kitschy places in LA that I love but it became too overwhelming at this time. So I decided to focus on my neighborhood...a visual love letter to Silverlake. Some of the places may cross over to Los Feliz, but whatever. I know I will forget a few...but at the moment these qualify as either my favorite or most interesting locations in Silverlake. I love LA
We pretty much live behind the Cha Cha Lounge, it's our go-to bar. Cheap drinks, a photobooth, good music and red lighting. You can't ask for more.
Second now is the Good Luck Bar. I guess this qualifies as borderline Los Feliz. I love it, it is just amazing inside. GO
My FAVORITE restaurant is Flore. Hello club sandwich. I love you.

The Red Lion Tavern is also super close to us. I don't feel I appreciate as much as I should. The women wear beer maid outfits, there are multiple rooms including a beer garden and there is a Swiss cheese sandwich that is sooo good. Well, the beer garden is where I need to be on Sunday afternoons this summer. Decided.

As I mentioned before, I love walking around Silverlake and I especially love the city stairs. There are so many crazy, quirky homes to look at. Loma Vista Place is a "stair street" that is so cool. The initial staircase is killer but the walking street is overgrown and I would love to live in one of the cottages. But imagining walking up those 100+ stair flights in heels might just be the end of me.

Jason shot at this vintage motorcycle shop that's located in an alley off Sunset. Basically, it's rad.
I really wish there were inside shots of this Mexican restaurant online. It is flamboyant and they have delicious food and margaritas. It just makes me happy.

I would have never known the Hyperion Tavern existed until someone pointed it out to us one night. The first time we went they were putting on a white trash themed talk show (??). I still have no idea what was happening that night. The place is small, they only have beer and it's like you are in another state.
Spaceland. Cool place to see bands that is so close to us. Two random side notes...the picture above is the pool area/second bar/smoking area. The, uh, satellites hanging overhead somehow echo what people are saying across the room. I think anyways. Secondly, this was the second place Jason told me he loved me. ahhhhhh..
Tiki Ti. I love you because you are the size of a shoe box, because you are a Polynesian bar from 1961 (and I love tiki) and because your drinks mess me up! So happy you are still around.

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