Wednesday, July 7, 2010

no one's gonna love you

Here is the video Jason and I shot two weeks ago....Cee Lo's version of "No One's Gonna Love you." Once again I have to say what an awesome experience it was for both Jason and I. It was directed by SKINNY who are such cool guys, talented directors, and now, great friends. It really feels like the whole crew lived through this road trip and its so lovely to have these memories on film.

Monday night we celebrated by going to a screening of the video at the Roosevelt Hotel for The Masses Summer Film Series. Similar to the Cinespia Hollywood Forever movies, they show a movie every Monday night outside at the Tropicana Bar. It was fun to get back together with the crew and view the video on the big screen! Jason and I definitely want to go back next time. Sitting under the stars, drinking a glass of wine and watching a movie was heaven.

After we went to check out two new(er) bars in the Silverlake/Los Feliz area. We went to Covell wine bar first (which just serves wine and beer). It's a super cute, very chill little place.

Then we checked out The Thristy Crow. I like it much better then when it was Stinkers. Much better. And we could walk there. If we wanted to. We had a pretty good night on the town.

p.s. I don't know why the video gets a little cut off. It is super irritating.


  1. I really love this video. Congrats to you~

    (Oh and to adjust the video to your screen size, I resize the height and width, which is encoded in the html you grab from youtube . . . I just mess around until I find a size I like)

  2. I just can't believe you guys are actually real! When I saw the video on VH1 I thought that there must have been some big big investments to the vid... When I realized here(by reading this post) that you actually have done it so casually, I was shocked! I have been looking at your posts like for 4 hours and you are adorable. I would really want to meet you someday :)
    Best (Wedding) Wishes from Turkey
    ps: I recently added you to my facebook (gonul) I hope that it isn't a problem...

  3. Love the video, you guys are absolutely gorgeous together. Do you remember the name of the hotel at 0:39? It's perfect!