Monday, October 25, 2010

It's that time again, a little update on things I am into at the moment...let's start with the film 'Shampoo.'
I have never really seen the whole thing so I rented it last week (just got Netflix and very excited about it, although not getting much done...hmmm). I am in love with the styling of the two main female characters, Jackie and Jill played by Julie Christie and Goldie Hawn. The movie is great, Warren Beatty's character is pretty much a jerk, but I love the psychedelic 60's party scene.

Julie Christie's dress in the dinner scene is amazing..long, black sequins and backless. I want to have a dress like that made!

All of Goldie Hawn's outfits are tiny little dresses. I really loved this one, especially with the big hat and sunglasses she wears with it in the film.

Both of theses actresses are wonderful. Julie Christie is so cool and sexy.

And Goldie Hawn? Adorable!

Secondly, Jason and I try to go on a date night once a week. We usually try to go to new places, often in our area of Silverlake/Los Feliz/Echo Park. The last time we went to Cliff's Edge and Cafe Stella. The places aren't new but they are new to us. I had been wanting to go to Cliff's Edge for some time now. First of all, this is the door you enter through!

The outside area is what makes it so special. For some reason it reminds me of the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland...we had an awesome time sipping dirty martinis next to a tealight filled giant clamshell. The place is gorgeous!

Cafe Stella is a down the street and it is a very romantic cafe and wine/beer bar. I love it because you feel like you are in France. It also has nice outdoor seating but I prefer sitting inside at the bar.

Now for clothes...I am obsessed with everything I've gotten from Bonadrag recently. The lace flares from With Hearts In My Eyes have been all over the blogs for awhile, so I'm a little late to game. But they are incredible. I used to wear bellbottoms alot in high school and I think my love for them has been rekindled!

The Rose Crochet Fishtail dress also from With Hearts In My Eyes is breathless. I was able to wear it last week to the Ashtar Command cult party and I am hoping to work it in this weekend as well.

I got the Madison Harding Grey Val Platforms as well and I have been living in them. I realized they are just as high as my Jeffrey Campbell Litas but I still run around town doing errands all day in them anyways.

and me in them...

Finally...Halloween!! My favorite holiday! Although I've come to realize I have more fun getting myself ready then actually going out. This year I am not even worrying about what we are gonna do. I am just looking forward to handing out candy, taking Leon to the Silverlake Dog Costume Pageant and meeting up with good friends. Saturday (for I am dressing up like this little lady (I wore the costume last year but didnt really go anywhere so its being reused).

And Sunday I plan on dressing up like a Dia De Los Muertos gypsy bride. The makeup is gonna be so much fun to do.

Happy Halloween!!

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