Saturday, November 13, 2010

october's gone again

So once again, the month flew's my lil recap. I love when Jason and I forget about the nights that we brought out the T4. When we get back the film it's always a surprise. It's probably one of my favorite things.

Anyways...Teddy's. Hadn't been in FOREVER. Had a fantastic's the girls and I couch dancing...

After we went to a friends birthday party and hung out with great great people...

Jason, Leon and I went camping with Coco and Justin and their lamb Sid up at Green Valley Lake. We drank tequila and grapefruit, champagne and grapefruit and vodka and grapefruit. Oh and the men shotgunned beers, as usual. We went on nature hikes, had a hatchet throwing contest, made amazing smores, freaked ourselves out about bears and talked about the universe. I think. By that time things were a little blurry. I fell over a log around that time. That pretty much sums it up.

By the way, it was their one year wedding anniversary!

The Ashtar Command held a party for their new music video 'Gravity,' Everyone was supposed to create their own cult and it was soo much fun. We were part of the Icelandic Witch Cult. So of course I wore white and my fur vest. I love a theme

Finally, Halloween. I am obviously wearing the same dress as the cult party. And I will any chance I get! (It's With Hearts In My Eyes from Bonadrag, by the way) Jason, his brother Caleb and I all painted our faces like skulls. I was trying to be more Dia De Los Muertos but I think Jason ended up looking more like a meerkat. We went to a couple fun parties. But the best part of the night was when we had the taxi drop us off at the Ralphs by our house so we could buy a ton of beer (two 30 packs to be exact, for 5 people) and then we went home to play Thumbmaster. The best drinking game EVER

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