Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hey there space cadet. Balmain f/w 2011. I'm always a sucker for metallic, and halogram-ish stuff, and low cut v-neck jumsuits for that matter.

And some links!

Free People did a little feature on me here which was very sweet of them. Those girls are alot of fun. And that fringe sweater I got there is amazing! I'm living in it pretty much.

Some polaroids from my gal pal Kelley's birthday a couple weeks ago. I was gonna steal them from her and put them up here, but I'm being lazy.

This month is already crazy and I love it! In between fun shoots, weird auditions and stressful/exciting wedding stuff (started our registry today. Helllloooo Crate & Barrel!) I'm going to Austin and I can't wait! And I'm seeing The Entrance Band tonight! Hooray for March


  1. I dig the sparkly, long-sleeved, silver minidress, and also the navy and gold V pattern one. I think long sleeved minidresses are the answer to any colder-day problem :) add some thick, warm, thigh-high socks, ballet flats and a trench for outside - and you're good to go.

  2. Wow, awesome collection. I love all of the sparkles and fur. The clothes would be so fun to wear!

  3. Hey! I saw the video you and your boy were featured on the Free People blog. I loved it so much I posted it on my site:

    You two are so freakin' cute! I read you are coming to Austin. That is my home base! SXSW I assume?