Thursday, July 14, 2011

my backyard bridal shower

My bridal shower was last week at my aunt's beautiful ranch house in Claremont. I've always loves how every room in the house is a different color and the backyard was perfect for this celebration. It was definitely hot but it was a blast. one game we played was where there were three teams would had to create a wedding dress out of toilet paper. I got to judge and it was great seeing how creative everyone could get. Coco created a toilet paper/daisy head wrap. It was amazing. I received many gorgeous gifts and it was fun having a mix of my family, friends and my mom's friends all there and mingling. My maid of honor Laila did such an incredible job. Oh, and I wore a Stone Cold Fox dress that I thought was perfect for this event, all lacey and sweet.
So excited for this weekend in Palm Springs...all I wanna do is work on my tan, dance and get crazy.

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  1. That white dress is so fabulous!