Saturday, November 19, 2011

1,000 wishes

It's not even Thanksgiving yet and there is already Christmas music on the radio. So let's talk wishlists! Which means I've been spending way too much time on etsy this morning! But what else should I be doing on this wintery, cloudy morning? I've got my coffee, I'm great. Here we go...

Moon necklace!

30's silk nightgowns, to wear out not in!

New record player, ooh black!

Vintage teddy lingerie, ala that horrible scene in Boogie Nights when Rollergirl is in the limo and they pick up a guy off the street. Worn out with a fur coat. Rollerskates and crimped hair optional.

Jeffrey Campbell Stinger Creeper Platforms. My mom HATED my creepers in high school so just to surprise her I'm bringing them back! In extreme platform form! Hi Mom!

Black velvet choker!

Tom Ford Black Orchid!

Anything and EVERYTHING by A Friend of Mine. I'm not picky.

Floor pillows for my alcove!

Dark plum lipstick! (YSL..)

Hanging chair with crochet fringe. So I can read and swing in the morning and drink wine and swing in the evening.
YSL Touche Eclat
Nars matte red lipstick
And world peace!


  1. So i just came across your blog, and I'm in love. Can this wishlist be my wishlist? That lingerie is smokin', and that swing chair... well words can't describe! here's hoping x

  2. duuude yes to everything.... especially roller girl references... i love friend of mine too, there's seriously nothing i wouldn't take.. and i need to find that ysl dark plum because it may be the passable purple lipstick i can wear.. haha... i love tom ford black orchid... alllll my stuff smells like this forever if it doesn't get washed immediately, it's so great.. ha

    p.s. i wrote this little fan out post on you before my gnarlitude blog went weird! it's getting fixed but your face will be the first thing on there when it is!!!!

  3. love everything in this post! esp the dark ysl lipstick.