Tuesday, August 14, 2012

dead days of summer

Hi, hi, HI! I've been a gypsy for the past month...Jason and I bought a 1952 travel trailer and drove up to his home state of Oregon for a couple weeks. I've been to Oregon a couple of times but never like this...we went to his small hometown, stayed at a hippie commune, went to a rad wedding in Portland, camped at a lake, stayed at the coast, we did a bunch of stuff but I'll get more into detail once I post our photos. So since I've been gone I'm probably like the last person to post these photos, but Jason took them so I still want to. And I think they are pretty perfect for this month...the end of summer when it's freaking hot and you are just f-ing around. Skating around town, hitting up the arcade, chilling on rooftops, you know what I mean. Here's the cover, the editorial and some of the outtakes. It's good to be back!!!

Photographer: Jason Lee Parry
Stylist: Imogene Barron
Hair/Makeup: Max Made
Assistant: Caleb Barton
Painting: Gareth Stehr

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