Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer's Almost Gone

Every year around this time I think about how I feel summer hasn't even really started and it's pretty much over. But then I realize all the awesome things that have happened since the beginning of June. Even though the weather wasn't the greatest (I still haven't even got a little tan), my friends and I have definitely celebrated this season to the extent. The past couple of weeks have been a blast, and this past week in itself has been crazy busy and extremely exciting. Here's a couple photos from the past weeks and a list of things I still need to do before summer ends! Then again, it's always summer in California...
p.s. August 6th marked a year til we get married. The countdown...and tons of preparations begin!

My roommates and I decided to have a classy dinner party, which basically turned into a house party. These are two cute photos Kelley Ash toke of us and our men.

For Jason's birthday we went to Disneyland. It may have been the best time I have ever had there. All the girls bought mouse ears, we drank lots of Jameson, and ran around crazy through the park trying to hit up as many rides as we could. We were pretty successful.

The week after that Jason and I drove up to Pismo Beach for another COMUNE camping trip. I have never camped literally on the beach so that was rad. We partied on the dunes, drank Bloody Mary's and played pool at a bar, told ghost stories and ate smores around the fire. It was cold, it was sandy but it was still fun.

Finally, last Sunday Jason and I went to the Weetzie Bat reading that I mentioned in my last post. We wanted to have an adventure and we did. The reading was amazing and I met Francesca who was amazing. Jason and I ran around West Hollywood checking out fancy hotels, drank dirty martinis and whiskey shots (eek!)at Barney's Beanery, ran into the Viper Room to use the bathroom but ended up staying and watching some band and then went to a BBQ in Echo Park to sit on the grass outside with some awesome people. Here's a photo of us from the Wildfox blog, I don't know why Jason looks so sad, he was having a great (drunk) time!

Here's a couple things I still need/want to do:
-go to the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach with my mom (tonight!). It's a tradition!
-Sunset Junction!
-Stay the night in Palm Springs...lay by the pool and drink Mai Tai's, go thrift store shopping and sit out on the patio at night and just relax.
-Ride my new bike around Newport Beach. Stop at all the divey beach bars during happy hour, watch the sun set and play arcade games at the Fun Zone.
-Go Swimming!

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