Saturday, August 7, 2010

lanky lizards!

Francesca Lia Block is my FAVORITE author. I picked up the book 'Weetzie Bat' when I was around 15 and it changed my life. That may sound dramatic but I think about it now and I definitely feel the way I live my life is similar to the way the characters live their lives in her books. Also, the dreamy, magical way she describes Los Angeles only fueled my love for this city even more. On Sunday there is going to be a reading of the Weetzie Bat screenplay at Book Soup in West Hollywood. I, of course, am going to be dragging my man there (bribing him with pre-reading drinks). Wildfox is going to be dressing the actress playing Weetzie and they did a super cute shoot in honor of the character. Here she is at the Oki-Dog with her rubber chicken. Ya gotta read the book to know :)

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