Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I just noticed that I wrote this back in December and saved it as a draft. Might as well post it.

So, once upon a time I studied abroad in France. Aix-en-Provence, for a year. Let's be honest, it was a very tough year. When I arrived I was extremely jet-lagged, it was extremely hot and I was extremely confused. I had only a year of French before and we were staying in some dorms on the out skirts of town until we found permanent apartments. I managed to find some friends and get an apartment in the center of town (although I was never able to converse with my landlord). I thought things would get easier, but its really interesting to hang out with a group of people all from Cal State schools in another country. Everyone is a fish out of water, and drama as well as emotions escalated quickly. Beyond that though, I can look back now and appreciate everything I experienced. A road trip through France to see the castles to Paris where we had the most insane all-nighter, Marseilles where I used to go to H&M (before it was in America) and my wallet got stolen by a gypsy, Venice on Halloween and sleeping in a freezing cold tin cabin and drinking red wine, New Year's Eve in Madrid staying in hostel and dancing all night with all the our friends from different countries staying at my hostel (especially a certain boy from New Guinea), taking a trip by myself to Paris, drinking in faux-irish pubs, and Noelle and my trip to Corsica. That in itself is a story. Our ferry stopped suddenly in the middle of the night and the whole ship went black. Noelle and I had a little cabin too far from town in the off season I guess where we ate all our food (and drank to much alcohol) too early. We starved for days but found the most gorgeous beach an hours walk away. Sorry for such a long post. My uncle and aunt went to Aix recently and I've been thinking it would be nice to go and relive it with Jason. Fuck not fully speaking the language. I wanna go dance, and eat and drink and stare at my old haunting grounds. By the way. for the life of my me I can't find my old roommates. Megan Enochs and Noelle Long, where are you?

My apartment was there on the right...third story, third window.

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