Monday, January 10, 2011

Palm Springs New Year

So I spent my New Year's Eve holding a serving tray BUT I was able to kiss my man at midnight. The next day we headed out to Palm Springs with Andrew and Kelley to celebrate the the first day of the year. We spent the night drinking at the Ace, gambling at a casino and trying to find a decent gay club to go dancing at. No such luck. The next day we were going to head home after thrifting but decided to go check in at the Desert Springs Marriott instead. That place is way too relaxing. We sat in the lobby until closing, Kelley and I drank dirty martinis while the boys had one too many beers and Jameson shots. We finished off the night in the hot tub.
Back to normal life, trying to stick to some productive New Year's resolutions (working out, getting up early, blah blah blah) and starting to work on the wedding on a weekly basis. Its 8 months away!! This year is gonna fly but there's so much to look forward to!

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  1. Is there any chance to see u guys in some another music video? :-)