Tuesday, March 29, 2011

austin or else

I flew out to Austin on a Wednesday. The Long Beach airport already had a party vibe at about noon (my dad always drops me off extra early at the airport) since one half of the terminal in my section was going to Vegas. My gate had all the band members/music execs/scouts/groupies/etc. all asking why each other was going to Austin/what are doing there/who are you seeing/etc. The other half (to Vegas) was a bunch of 30s-40s men in matching baseball caps ready to start drinking early.
Once I got to Austin I took a cab to Comune's 'cabin mansion,' cracked open a beer and changed. Jason had left three days earlier with three of the Comune dudes on a road trip out there to shoot Braydon Szafranski and Gareth Stehr. We drove out to 6th Street and ended up at the Coyote Ugly mistakenly. Which was interesting. Then took a cab out to a warehouse to see our friends Magda Wosinska and Ethan Fowler's band Green and Wood. It was byob so we took the band van to find some booze but I GUESS hard liquor isn't sold after 9 (i did not know this!). The guys settled on either cases of beer or mad dog 20 20. I settled on a nice warm bottle of cook's. we chilled in a field til the band played, and then chilled in the field some more. It was cool. I loved it.
Thursday (St. Patrick's Day) at noon we headed to get breakfast at an Argentinian restaurant (that the guys ended up going to everyday, oh men) to have mimosas or beer mosas. Then we headed to the Thrasher party at the Scoot Inn to watch the half pipe. Then the day just, well, kinda unfolded. I saw my cousin which was amazing. We went to Shangri-LA and saw Dirty Beaches. We started walking to see The Strokes in downtown and hitched a ride (the 7 of us) in some girl's small car and ended up at the Wu-Tang show 3 hours early. I had an amazing home-made Oreo. I had an amazing food truck grilled cheese. We met up with the directors of our Cee-Lo video Dori Oskowitz and Marc-Edouard Leon. We met up with Dustin Beatty. We rode in a cab with a man who was playing the most relaxing jazz, and we did not want to get out. We went to a house party with Classixx. Then we went back to the 'cabin mansion' and threw a tennis ball around. yes.
I flew back the next day. I was able to have lunch (and mimosas at 'their' usual Argentinian restaurant) but then had to leave. Jason and the crew stayed til Sunday. I wish I had. I had a blast.I love Austin.



  1. Glad you had fun, Austin is a win! The Black Angels was also a kill show to see.

  2. great pictures!
    loved your black velvety dress..
    what brand is it??

  3. I'm so sad I missed the Black Angels! The Comune guys interviewed one of the members the day I left. And the dress is Lindsey Thornburg.

  4. Looks like such an amazing trip! Especially all the mimosas! Your photos are so gorgeous... makes me feel like I am there in Texas desert too!

  5. this weekend looked like kick ass fun. adore your style mama xx dani