Wednesday, April 20, 2011

knotted lace

eh, it's been awhile. i'm coming up on on 3 months til the 'big day'...oh shit. i'm kinda in that freak out mode. well, i was about two weeks ago and then i decided to just chill out and let everything work itself out. because it will. that and i know i was driving jason crazy. anyways, things are coming along. last week we finally decided on a honeymoon location and booked all the necessary bookings. since then when i just happen to online browse, i keep finding myself looking for teeny tiny dresses and teeny tiny bikinis (i have also just joined a gym so that i know i will feel fine in these teeny tiny pieces). one little spring trend that i think fits in just perfectly for my 'honeymoon wear' is macrame. i am even thinking of picking it up as a hobby. i could make plant holders to hang all over our house and maybe even progress to hammocks or chairs (as seen below). my whole house could be macrame ha! it kinda makes me think of my hemp weaving days at 14. hmmm. well, here's some macrame with some crochet thrown in just because.


  1. I wish you would start making Macrame plant holders, I just spent $75 on a few of them, I bet you would give me a good discount.

  2. Well if I do start making them guess what you'll be getting every birthday and Christmas!

  3. LOVE these. So amazing. I think I would live in that hammock and those dresses are to die for ! perfect honeymoon gear <3