Monday, August 1, 2011

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Alright, not gonna be around for awhile so here's a little bit of what's going on..

A) Free People. This is pretty much what I'm going through right now. Limbo. I've always hated that word since I went to Catholic School (ahem limbo equals purgatory). On a brighter note I always know when I am in a state of change. They have always been extremely scary yet fantastically beautiful times in my life. And even when I know how stressed out I was, I can look back on that time and love the memories. I'm going through it right now.
Free People: Saturday DO

B) Jason and "his men" went on their bachelor party this past weekend in lovely Las Vegas. I worked extreme hours both Friday and Saturday and had a rad shoot Saturday continuing on til Sunday. "The men" got caught up in horrible traffic Sunday, and I had this urging to go see a movie by myself. I hadn't done that in 8 years. I poured myself a little red wine in a water bottle and went to see Beginners. What a beautiful movie. Some of it is taped in Silverlake which I love...the dog park, Akbar, driving along Sunset Junction. And the story tugged at my heart strings while still being funny. I took myself out on a date. And belted out country music on the drive home. It was great. Beginners Trailer

C)I usually check out fashion blogs but I came across this blog a couple months ago and I've been addicted. I've only been to Georgia, Florida and Austin, Texas but I've always been enchanted by the south...especially Charleston. I think this lovely gal's blog is makes me want to move there and just sit on porches, drink wine and watch the sun set. I think I may need drive there soon
Everyday Musings

D) Ahhh...bachelor parties. Speaking of which, I had my own extravaganza two weekends ago in Palm Springs. Once we get the polaroids scanned I'll post. All I have to say is I have a great group of girls in my life. A bunch of brunettes! (and one Aussie blonde who is arriving this week) Here's a preview...

E) Finally, Jason had showing last weekend at Teddy's. Here's a few photos from the night...from the ending to the beginnning. Half I have to give credit to Billy Garner for. Fun night, went by way too quickly.


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