Friday, May 11, 2012

l.a. woman, sunday afternoon

Here's Jason's new editorial and video for Finnish magazine Trendi featuring model Anna Speckhart. It was shot at Jim Morrison's old casa in Laurel Canyon. Back in December we had a crazy night there. Our friends from the band Gypsy Death Star were there at a house party and invited us to come over. Jason and I brought along our friends Corey Smith and Joel Morrison (same name, no relation. ha!). It was Joel's birthday and we were coming from the The One Eyed Gypsy (downtown LA bar) and were feeling pretty good. Shortly after we arrived the guys from Gyspy Death Star had to head home to Ventura. We didn't know a single other person there and it was kinda awkward at first. Then someone put on a Doors song. Corey and I started dancing in the living room and next thing you know it felt like the entire party was in the living room and kitchen dancing to all of the Doors songs and swigging whiskey. It was wild and it was exactly the kind of vibe I would expect from ol Jimbo's house. It was magical. And I can definitely see the same magic in these photos. Corey also ended up jumping out of a moving vehicle in front of us and rolling down the hill that night but that's a story for another day. Oh Laurel Canyon.

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