Friday, August 24, 2012

On The Road x Solestruck

While on our Oregon road trip, Jason and I shot a polaroid collaboration with Solestruck. Here are the results!  As I probably mentioned before, I've been to Oregon a bunch of times because Jason is from there. We were planning on attending our friends wedding (Jess and Camille from Reveille) in Portland so we just decided to stretch it out into a two week road trip.  Here's a recap...we camped at the Jackson Wellsprings In Ashland  and used their mineral pool, performed karaoke in Jason's hometown, attended the beautiful wedding and hit up our usual haunts in Portland, camped at Crescent Lake where Jason and three of his friends capsized a canoe in the middle of the night, drank too much beer (ugh), went to the Bend art walk where our friend Justin and his dad performed together (and Coco and I danced in a cage at some club...all night), cruised down the Bend river on a inflatable mattress, and got the flu!  On our last day of the trip it was our one year wedding anniversary.  I was on day three of the flu but determined to make it a nice day. We drove through this gorgeous forest to the town of Yachats on the coast.  We were able to book a room right on the water with a hot tub over-looking the ocean. We had a really nice dinner and just chilled! It was perfect. The trip was awesome, and I love our trailer!
All shoes Jeffrey Campbell from Solestruck

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I was also featured on Live Fast mag's Babe Talk...yay!

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