Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mimi Chica Summer- Part 3

Nimbin, Nimbin, Nimbin.  After we had shot in the wildlife park we decided to drive up to the town of Nimbin, a place we heard was stuck in another era from some people in Byron. We drove through some gorgeous mountains for a couple hours and were worried we were gonna miss it. But there is NO way you could miss Nimbin. When we arrived in town it was like we had entered the late 60s. The buildings are all painted with different colors and murals, and there is a weed shop in between every store. Nimbin is known for their event called "Mardigrass,' which was the weekend after we were leaving.  The place is amazing...and perfect to shoot the hippie-ish looks we brought along. The Nimbin museum is insane, if you are ever there I highly recommend it. When we were done, we headed to a bar that had a band playing and had a drink. But we had to leave pretty quickly because we knew once it was dark the drive down the mountain would be pretty sketchy. It was too bad we couldn't stay longer, I'd really like to come back and explore a little bit more. That place is definitely a trip.
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