Tuesday, September 6, 2011

back to school

Its my favorite time of the year! September and October are my favorite months, even though summer is ending (but really, does it ever end in California?), I've always loved this time of year because it's a time of new beginnings. Screw New Years, whenever the new school year comes around you always had time to reinvent yourself, and your wardrobe. I always loved picking out my back to school clothes and planning outfits for the first week of school. The only problem is, as us Californians are feeling right now, the first couple of weeks of school are always so hot! So all the sweaters and "fallish" clothes that were in the stores couldn't be worn until later. Even though I've been out of school for a little while now, I still get that same feeling. And I still like to buy some back to school clothes. Hey, I AM going back to acting school at least!
I have a couple new things going on in my life, besides my new husband. We just moved into a new place...a a little cottage up on one of those stair streets I love. Actually, it's my favorite stair street and we couldn't be more excited about it. There are so many trees around us and we have a great view of the Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory and the Silverlake Reservoir. Once we are finished setting up, I wanna take some photos to post. A couple more things I'm excited about this fall...The LA County Fair (I think I've gone almost every year), starting acting and singing classes, going camping in Big Bear, having our house warming wine and cheese party which will probably turn into a whiskey and shotgunning beer party, and Halloween.
Here's a couple examples of what I'm feeling right now, online shopping-wise. Even though I usually don't like sweaters, I always feel like I need some for fall. As well, as some stuff that would be perfect for October.


  1. How lucky you are feeling that way in september !! I just feel awful even if here it's like Californian weather so we still have sun ... it doesn't mean to me going back to school as I finished in a way my studies years ago but I don't know it's just a "bizarre" feeling ... I think some call it "spleen" ;;)) xoxoxo

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